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Author rouilj
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Date 2013-04-21.02:01:49
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As requested by Bernhard Reiter on the roundup-dev list, I am
attaching a patch that can be applied to a current roundup mercurial
checkout from:


This patch adds support for tx_Source and patches the tests to test
this functionality.

I am having issues with getting the test_xmlrpc to work with the
sqlite backend. It seems that regardless of where I put the schema
changes in the file they are wiped out by the time the tests run.

There are a couple of failure with the sqlite backend. One example is:

Error in test testAuthFilter (test.test_xmlrpc.TestCase_sqlite)
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/usr/lib/python2.7/unittest/", line 327, in run
  File "/home/rouilj/develop/roundup.tx_Source/./test/",
line 180, in testAuthFilter
    issue.create(title='i1', status=open, keyword=[d2])
line 1502, in create
    newid = self.create_inner(**propvalues)
line 1640, in create_inner
    self.db.addnode(self.classname, newid, propvalues)
line 958, in addnode
    self.sql(sql, vals)
line 221, in sql
    cursor.execute(sql, args)
OperationalError: table _issue has no column named _tx_Source

while the test using the anydbm back end:

  testAuthFilter (test.test_xmlrpc.TestCase_anydbm) ... ok


All of the rest of the tests work although I have had to set
db.tx_Source in some of the tests and this seems wrong. At least it
tests the code path through the detector and makes sure that the
auditor and reactors paths are working properly.

Note that an alternate configuration of these tests used a custom
tracker with detectors and schema changes. With this alternate
tracker, all the tests pass including test_xmlrpc, so AFAICT the
xmlrpc tests should pass if I can get the schema set up correctly.

I have not tested the postgres or mysql backends so this may be
generic issue with sql backends.
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