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Bernhard Reiter writes:

>Bernhard Reiter added the comment:
>John, adding a call to " self.db.post_init()" after adding the
>properties to the objects make the tests run fine for me. See
>the example in

I'll try it tonight when I get home. I know I added db.commit() and I
am pretty sure I used db.post_init() (following the code in as well.

Maybe I just didn't have the schema changes and the post_init call
arranged properly to work.

For those following along at home from

     def post_init(self):
        """Called once the schema initialisation has finished.
           If 'refresh' is true, we want to rebuild the backend
        raise NotImplementedError

The version in anydbm (roundup/backends/ using the db
file structure) only reindexes data. It doesn't have any code that
handles schema changes. Since I had no data to reindex at that point,
this test passed.

However post_init from roundup/backends/ which is used
by postgres and sqlite does update tables and things based on schema
changes hence the reason the sqlite and postgres tests failed.

Thanks for looking at this Bernhard.

Hopefully there will be a commit coming soon.
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