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Date 2013-09-23.10:36:16
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Default Python charset is 'utf-8' only for version 3 as i found in many

I was trying to investigate roundup code and remove various decode and
str(). But then error appears in different place and when it was on
_socket_op(self.request.wfile.write, str(content)) in i gave up.

I don't fully understand a conception of charset handling in roundup. 

Things, like 
- (write_html)
        if self.charset != self.STORAGE_CHARSET:
            content = content.decode(self.STORAGE_CHARSET, 'replace')
            content = content.encode(self.charset, 'xmlcharrefreplace')
- (render)
        return self._tpl.render(c).encode(client.charset, )

are implying that all output will follow a client preferred charset. But
roundup templates prepared by a roundup administrator usually contain
predefined ' <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html;
charset=X">' in they content, as seemed to me.
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