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Date 2014-07-20.03:31:38
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Looks like  my email update on 1 april confused the gateway due to 
[proposed patch] on the subject line being interpreted as trying to
set some properties. We probably need to fix that somehow.

Anyhow here is thought.

Date: Tue, 01 Apr 2014 15:19:06 -0400

In message
Anthony writes:
>2. To internals of roundup-tracker:
>a) The option is added in
>b) Change behaviour of determining user during request. Now it will
>   search "uid_variable" variable instead of hardcoded REMOTE_USER.
>c) Make all HTTP-request options available in internal environment as
>   "HTTP_" prefixed variable, not just few hardcoded.

I like the idea of allowing a different username variable, however I
personally consider anything that doesn't set the standard

I am not sure why all of the HTTP variables would need to be copied
though. Do you have a particular use case for these variables?

>This made with 5 lines stolled from WebWare
> 1 line comment in roundup-code note
>this regrettable fact.

The license for webwareforpython is at:

and reads in part:

  Webware for Python is open source, but there is no requirement that
  products developed with or derivative to Webware become open source.

  Webware for Python is copyrighted, but you can freely use and copy it
  as long as you don't change or remove this copyright notice. The
  license is a clone of the original OSI-approved Python license.

So I think we could take this patch by including

  Copyright © 1999-2010 by Chuck Esterbrook.
  All Rights Reserved

along side the zope license as it doesn't seem to be more restrictive
than the current licensing. But IANAL.
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