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Date 2015-01-05.15:50:37
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There have been discussions on this on December 2014 on the devel ml.

Ralf wrote in the end:
So we should
- check for valid mime-types on incoming attachments (either via
  web-interface or via mail)
  Can be realized as an auditor so that users can change the policy
  here. We should only rewrite clearly invalid mime-types at that point.
- have a whitelist of attachments that can safely be shipped to the
  browser. All mime-types not in the whitelist are shipped as
  application/octet-stream. My tests indicate that browsers will not
  display these attachments with this content-type, they only offer to
  download the file. The original code by Richard attempted this but
  failed on invalid mime-types for reasons indicated above.

I think the hardest part is coming up with a decent whitelist that
doesn't miss too many content-types in use out there.
But users can reconfigure the whitelist (and give feedback) so we can
converge to something usable.

Should be make seperate issues out of this?
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