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Date 2015-01-28.21:34:16
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Am Mittwoch, 28. Januar 2015, 11:55:01 schrieben Sie:
>  It stores strings in DB as 
> UTF8, but doesn't do this for user input.

Hmmm.. I've checked the db file contents and it was in utf8.
Actually the str objects are in utf-8, that is why the encoding() function
needs to know that it is a str with utf-8 encoding.

I think an okay solution would be to
a) write a test case that fills in strings with utf-8 and tries to render 
all templates from "jinja2" template to check for errors.
b) use an custom filter "u()" and add it to almost all template calls
where the result is needed as text. Problem: Some calls with end up with 
str objects, other with roundup objects where jinja2 seems to call str() 
on them. So my testing u() function needs to accomodate for this.
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