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Author ber
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Date 2015-03-12.21:23:09
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In all three tests still failing check is in the envelope "TO:", but because the default
of messages_to_author is no, the setting is not changed for these tests, chef should
not get an email. So I've fixed the tests by removing chef from the TO:.

changeset:   rev4976:b198e50dc7dc
user:        Bernhard Reiter <>
date:        Thu Mar 12 22:11:20 2015 +0100
files:       test/
issued2550877 fixed, the tests adapted to the more precise header comparison. Added a 
hint to the code how headers are handled.

So the test run fine again.
I have a nosy behaviour question in testSecurityMessagePermissionContent()
which I am going to ask on -devel.
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