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Hi Anatoly,

thanks for keeping pushing the issue and giving new suggestions! :)

On Monday 13 April 2015 at 16:20:24, anatoly techtonik wrote:
> 1. Decode into Unicode at ORM (HyperDB) level

If we found the right place, this is something we can try.
So far I've found the option less appealing from my (very limited) code 
staring and poking, it just feels to me like this is the wrong place
adding a special path there. My plan of doing
a) a demo set with unicode chars in each field
b) then using a translation function
seems cleaner to me with a little less risk. Just has to be done.

> 2. Use

Looks like a module that can be helpful to unicode problems,
especially if we would want to migrate roundup to complete unicode
which would be a major refactoring.

> As for demo data, I think it is possible to ask
> guys for a copy of database for testing.

We do have our database as well. Both databases are probably good 
to test some more entries. My idea for a) is that I fill out each field
of the "classic" (or jinja2) template at least once with some unicode chars,
this makes it a small fixture to base other automated tests on. Probably
easy to do, just needs to be done.

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