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Date 2015-06-29.09:06:53
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Hello, John

This patch do nothing with url.
It just add translation call in message generating code:
                     m.append(self._('%(class)s %(id)s created')
                        % {'class':cn, 'id':newid})
                     m.append(self._('%(class)s %(id)s created')
                        % {'class':self._(cn), 'id':newid})

Without this patch you can only translate a message:
issue 25 создана

with this patch you can add
msgid issue
msgstr ошибка

to locale file and then get
ошибка 25 создана

> John Rouillard added the comment:

> Hi Anthony:

> I understand the idea of translating the url to be more
> descriptive/friendly, but it worries me that the URI's for exactly the
> same object are changing based on the locale.

> What happens if a user from a Russian locale sends me a link that is
> translated and I try to use it from an English locale?

> What happens to load balancers/caches that see the url?  Will a cache
> that has cached the responce to:

>    GET

> know that an update to


> (issue in german) should invalidate the cached copy?

> I claim this is an issue with cool uri's shouldn't change:

> What does this do to embedded references to issues?  If I take the
> last component of the translated URL, and embed it in a message
> (e.g. ausgabe2550888 rather than issue2550888 ). Will it be turned
> into a link if viewed in a different locale? Will it even be turned
> into a link if viewed in its own locale?

> Comments?

> -- rouilj

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