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Date 2015-07-06.12:32:05
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> What happens if the user in the russian locale types in:

>  ошибка25

> will this be shown as a link in russian? Will this be shown as a
> link in other locales (e.g. english which should translate it back
> to issue 25).

Links  remains  original.  This is only for a few ok|error messages. But if one want
translated message to have embedded link, such as:
msgid issue
msgid ошибка
msgid %class created
msgstr <a href="%class">%class</a> created
this may be a problem.

> If the links show up in all cases above, I think we can go forward
> and add any tests we need and get this merged.

I can't image what the tests should be.

> If it doesn't create the links in all cases the patch needs to be
> reworked so that the link is created.

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