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This is a response to msg5355 in issue2550863 ...

On 16/08/15 16:35, anatoly techtonik wrote:> 
> anatoly techtonik added the comment:
> Thinking about this, I am in favor of recommending UTF-8 mode for Jinja2
> setup. sys.setdefaultencoding('utf-8') sounds like a hack, but I fail
to see
> where exactly it is harmful.

My main concert about implementing this hack is that at best it is just
a short-term solution to paper over the real underlying causes (which
admittedly I'm not fully across). This has the potential to give people
the false impression that the issue is solved and everyone moves on and
forgets about it... until some subtle bug comes along that becomes much
harder to debug because everyone has forgotten about the hack. At this
point we are back at the same point having to fix the underlying issue.

If you are suggesting just using the hack for a v1.5.1 release, then I
would suggest a better solution might be to document this as a known
issue and provide a work-around for those who really want to try out the
experimental Jinja2 support.
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