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Author ThomasAH
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Date 2016-01-06.16:09:27
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Installation is broken for me by:
changeset:   4963:cdfb1a3fb56f
user:        John Kristensen <>
date:        Tue Feb 10 14:08:01 2015 +1100
summary:     Fix to allow "development mode" (issue2550866)

During installation on Debian wheezy I get:
/usr/lib/python2.7/distutils/ UserWarning: Unknown
distribution option: 'entry_points'

The result is that scripts are not installed into bin, so no
roundup-admin, no roundup-mailgw, etc.

A short search shows that to use this option, you need to use
setuptools, not just distutils. I haven't tested if installing
setuptools helps, but as this would be a new requirement, this should
not be introduced lightly.
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