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Bernhard Reiter, 09.03.2016, 15:48:
> On Tuesday 08 March 2016 at 13:28:37, Peter Funk wrote:
> > My proposal is that we developers try to increase the test coverage
> > on the roundup code base over time.  
> It is always good to improve automatic tests.
> But 100% test coverage usually is a mistake,
> it has to be a reasonable coverage,
> balancing out the drawbacks of too many tests.
> (One drawback is that too many tests make
> are additional code that has defects and raise maintenance costs 
> and the bars for changing the code.)

Yes, I agree:  
Writing maintainable test code is hard and requires engineering.
And I've to admit that I've still a lot to learn in this area.
When I studied computer science TDD wasn't even invented yet! ☺

Regards, Peter Funk
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