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Date 2016-04-18.22:14:43
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Followup of .

> I don't want to receive such notifications ('cuz I'm quite aware of my
own actions as it is)
> and don't see a setting in "Your Details" to control this.

The replying user also mentioned that "the community has elected to get
the notifications" though I couldn't find anything relevant (and thus
the rationale behind this).

The use cases for current SoA I can think of are only:
* If I'm really, REALLY worried about someone hijacking my account.
While this makes _some_ sense for a high-privilege-high-stakes account,
no so much for a regular one.
* If I have some automated processing system at my client side.

Of course, I can filter these out, but it's not very convenient
(specifically, the only tell that shows if it's me or not is my user
name in the From: header).

The main reason is: virtually no-one else does this. Even the venerable
Request Tracker.
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