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Author pefu
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Date 2016-04-19.05:24:57
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I just had a closer look and discovered that the option
"messages_to_author" is set to "yes" at least in the "devel", "jinja2"
and "responsive" templates shipped with Roundup.  

A per user option wouldn't be so hard to implement:  The code 
dealing with this is located in roundup/ method
nosymessage() at line 312.  It currently reads::

     # possibly send the message to the author, as long as they aren't
     # anonymous
     if (good_recipient(authid) and
         (self.db.config.MESSAGES_TO_AUTHOR == 'yes' or
          (self.db.config.MESSAGES_TO_AUTHOR == 'new' and not oldvalues) or
          (self.db.config.MESSAGES_TO_AUTHOR == 'nosy' and authid in
          self.get(issueid, whichnosy)))):
        add_recipient(authid, sendto)

It would be possible here to check whether the user class of the db
instance in question has an additional boolean attribute 
(we have to select a name for it) and test this instead of the global
flag self.db.config.MESSAGES_TO_AUTHOR 

There are some tests in test/ which must to be modified
also, if this is going to implemented by someone.

Best Regards, Peter Funk.
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