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Author ThomasAH
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Date 2016-06-27.07:15:08
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Still the same problem:

If the user is logged in, all is well (and already was when I reported
If the user is not logged in, the tracker's default timezone is used,
which by itself is okay as well.

- The user does not see what the tracker's default timezone is.
  So he sees timestamps that may be UTC or Europe/Berlin
America/New_York (depending on the configuration), but no indication
about which timezone is used.
- The timezone may change if the user logs in or gets logged out by an
expired cookie without the user being aware of it.

Since this issue was created, displaying the default timezone was added in:

changeset:   2268:f9200f897369
branch:      maint-0.7
user:        Richard Jones <>
date:        Thu May 06 23:23:20 2004 +0000
summary:     fix user creation page

But of course this is only visible if the user is logged in and checks
his own
settings, at which point this is no longer that relevant, because the
he configured for himself is now used.

Just display something like "current timezone: Eurpope/Berlin" somewhere in
the page, or even something like "current time: 12:34 (Europe/Berlin)"
so the
user can see what the offset to his own current time is when he uses a
different timezone. Or do you know by heart what the timezone for
Antarctica/DumontDUrville is, or if they use DST? :-)
(optionally update the displayed current time if JavaScript is enabled)
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