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Date 2016-06-29.10:03:20
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Hello all,

Bernhard Reiter added the comment29.06.2016 um 08:16:
> | Do we have a percentage coverage
> | target, or any criteria for what we should check first?
> AFAIK we don't.

Trying to achieve a certain coverage percentage would not
automatically make Roundup a better software.  

However:  IMHO It would help the project a lot if we could find 
and agree on some way (for example a naming scheme ?) so that 
we can distinguish unit tests from component or integration tests.

Also it would help, if unit tests aleady exist, to document where
to find those unit tests belonging to certain parts of the 
roundup code base.

I'm feeling myself still not experienced enough with test driven 
development to propose the right steps in this direction.
Best Regards, Peter Funk
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