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Hi Peter:

In message
Peter Funk writes:
>Thanks for spending your time on this.  BTW: is the of the
>Python bug tracker available for reference?

>I just made a quick test and the behaviour of
>has changed since I wrote msg5487 back in march this year:

I have been reading though their meta tracker and I think they said it
was available.

I used google to search for " meta tracker" and the first hit was

which lead to:

which references: 

and we have:

last updated 

    Thu, 31 Mar 2016 19:53:14 +0300

(so it has changed since you posted) which says:

p ='Edit', klass='user', check=own_record,
    description="User is allowed to edit their own user details",
    properties=('username', 'password',
                'address', 'realname',
                'phone', 'organisation',
                'queries', 'timezone',
                'homepage', 'github'))
                # Note: 'roles' excluded - users should not be able to edit their own roles.
                # Also excluded: contrib_form, contrib_form_date, iscommitter

for r in 'User', 'Developer':, p)

But the last change had nothing to do with those settings. However a
restart to load the new schema may have changed something.

Ralf, if you have to log in there can you update the style.css from
mercurial. I put in a couple of fixes to close out an issue.
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