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Hi Bernhard:

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Bernhard Reiter writes:
>I guess if this can be made to work on all fields that could 
>profit from it and some instructions how to make it work
>on custom fields, the issue would be resolved. 

Ok, I'll see what I can do.

I guess it would go into customizing.txt? That's where I find
search_select mentioned.

Basically if the search field is currently using

  <td metal:use-macro="search_select">
  <td metal:use-macro="search_select_translated">

change it to use:

  <td metal:use-macro="search_select_keywords">

It's pretty much a drop in replacement from what I can see (except for
translations done by search_select_translated. I have to admit I am
not sure how the translation works. Why do we have one non-translated
and one translated. Why not just the translated one???

The other question is are we confident enough in the code to want to
expand the doc for it? There are quite a few open issues with the code
that have gone unfixed.

Better would be a ticket to fix/review things first and then document
all as part of one ticket.

>In addition Ezio added that retired 'values' should not be shown
>anymore in the popup. (Maybe that should become a separate issue?)

That's easy I'll put it in now. The call to getnodeids needs to have
retired=0 added to it so it reads:

def list_nodes(request):
    prop = request.form.getfirst("property")
    cls = request.client.db.getclass(prop)
    items = []
    for nodeid in cls.getnodeids(retired=0):  # <-- add retired param
        l = cls.getnode(nodeid).items()
        l = dict([x for x in l if len(x) == 2])
            items.append((l['id'], l['name']))
        except KeyError:
    items.sort(key=lambda x: int(x[0]))
    return items

Tested it on my demo tracker and it seems to work.
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