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Date 2016-07-09.13:15:30
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* John Rouillard <> [20160709 01:39]:
>    Supposed a keyword is retired and I want to search for an issue
>    with that retired keyword?
> Do we have a best policy document that says to remove retired keywords
> from all places it could possibly be used? It could be argued that the
> simple search dropdown is wrong and should allow selecting retired values.
> There are no comments in hg or the code to tell me how the developer
> interpreted the meaning of "Retired" and if the decision to leave
> retired values in the popup was intentional.

I understand "retired" as:
It is deleted, but since we do not want to really delete anything in
the database, it is just marked as deleted and can be undeleted
(unretired) later.

So retired keywords/users/messages/issues should not appear
anywhere. They currently do, which sometimes causes problems, e.g.
when editing an issue.
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