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Date 2016-07-10.10:09:03
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Hello John,

I didn't get around to look into the roundup repository and how to add something to it. Neither did I do any further updates. I only added the CSV export script to the wiki since I didn't know how to propose it as a patch. It might not be also the most beautiful Python code since I am doing Python programming only once in a while.

Hope this explains matters better,

On Saturday, July 09, 2016 08:55:17 PM John Rouillard wrote:
> John Rouillard added the comment:
> Tom or Andreas:
> Have you guys done any more with this?
> I think replacing the classic tracker's export CSV with this one
> would be a suitable patch.
> Have either of you looked at:
> that was uploaded June 2016. Maybe it handles Tom's issues with his
> custom object?
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