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Date 2016-07-10.17:01:26
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R David Murray writes:
>It looks like that template may indeed have been branched off our code
>base at some point.  It isn't obvious to me what you mean by "a lot
>of it is commented out", though.  What part of the code are you looking
>at?  (I didn't spend a lot of time scanning it.)

If you look at:


the patch code is all commented out:

<tr tal:condition="context/is_edit_ok">
 <th><tal:block i18n:translate="">Patch</tal:block>:</th>
 <td colspan="3">
 <th><tal:block i18n:translate="">Repo. Revision</tal:block>:</th>
 <td colspan=3><input type="edit" name="patches-1@revision" size="40"></td>

I am not sure if there are other similar templates.

Thanks for looking at this for me.
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