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Date 2016-07-11.01:20:44
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I saw this in the roundup tracker at

It looks like the strips the apply, clear etc
buttons and the checkboxes if there is no "property" passed to the

So a classhelp like:


that uses will be a simple popup.

You ca see this by clicking on the status label at:

The status label is:,name,description&form=itemSynopsis&type=checkbox&@sort=order&@pagesize=50

if you change that to include property:,name,description&form=itemSynopsis&type=checkbox&@sort=order&@pagesize=50&property="foo"

you get a help box with decorations.

If anybody wants to create a modified that
implements this (the current one looks like it will error if property is

Tonu, would this solve your problem?

Tobias, I don't think the i18n issues are addressed by this idea.
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