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Date 2016-07-13.06:27:59
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This line is already too long here.
In the classic template it reads
Created on 2003-10-20 18:45 by thomas_ah, last changed by rouilj
which is as long as I would recommend it, but I understand that the
information is important and scrolling down to the history section is

Maybe on the left below the navigation links?
Time: 12:34

But no hard break after "/", but using &#8203; (zero-width space) or the
CSS property "word-wrap: break-word;"
Some notes:
- &#8203; will be included if you copy&paste this part into something
Unicode capable. I guess this is no problem here, but it caused me much
trouble on a page with hex fingerprints that no longer matched :)
- I think break-word is unofficial/legacy, but despite this it worked
fine in my tests, and the W3C CSS Validator says "Congratulations! No
Error Found."
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