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Date 2016-09-30.13:56:57
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Hi Justus, hi John,

the code for these state changes is part of the configuration,
thus it is part of the standard template is using.

You could change the logic in there for your tracker.
Some trackers switch it off alltogether. 

I think "chatting" often means that some activity has started on the
issue and action is needed. This is why "resolved" and "done-cc" switch
to it. When searching for new or chatting issues you should find all
that require user input.

For the use in where most users can only modify the
issues they have created themselfs, I agree that it may make sense to
not switch
to chatting if the status is new and the new message comes from the creator
of the issue. If you peek at you probably figure out how
to add that logic.

So I'm unsure if we should change the default for roundups distributions.
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