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World wide a number of users cannot use HTTPS easily.
Two major reasons:
a) elder browsers (on old tablets, phone or computer with operating
systems, with no updates available for a number of reasons).
b) surveillance or censorship breaks or block HTTPS

Here is my last status (which did not make it to the list, though it
should have), I haven't checked further.
The os update should have solved the problems the Python folks
had with their Let's encrypt client, I guess.

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Betreff: Re: [Infrastructure] [Roundup-devel] is python bug tracker??
Datum: Freitag 12 Mai 2017, 18:55:38
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I am planning to schedule an upgrade of from Debian 6 to 7
next week, this should ultimately fix the issue as well as keep bugs

At the moment, I am working with the hosting provider if its possible to
create a snapshot of the VM so we can simulate and test the upgrade.

I should provide an update later next week on status and schedule.

Best regards,
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