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Author rouilj
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Date 2017-10-10.23:16:25
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I am adapting the patch at:

from Igor Ippolitov which uses beautiful soup 4 to do the html 

I can't get the debian python-bs4 to work right, so I am merging his 
patch with the html2text code in attached to this issue.

The patch currently attempts to load beautiful soup and if it gets an 
import error will fall back to using

I am currently working on the test cases and so far all existing test 
now pass. The new test cases I have: email with one text/html part and 
one multipart with text/csv and text/html seem to work for ascii. 
I am having issues with character representations for international 

Does anybody have some time to test this code and see if it
at least doesn't break anything and make be useful for turning html 
into text.

I still need to add a trivalue config option to select/deselect the 

  beautifulsoup, dehtml, none

before I do the full commit.
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