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Date 2017-10-21.04:06:33
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I installed python 2.7.14 on windows 10.

Modified adding:


after the definition of the script variable. Then ran:

  python bdist_wininst --user-access-control force --install-

with the contents of scripts/

from __future__ import print_function

import sys

# Log output to a file (for test)                                               
f = open(r"C:\temp\test.txt",'w')
print('Creating Shortcut', file=f)

if sys.platform == 'win32':
        sys.stdout.write("write to sys.stdout\n")
        sys.stderr.write("write to sys.stderr\n")
        print ("Checking for pywin32")
        import win32serviceutil
        print ("Found win32serviceutil")
        import win32service
        print ("Found win32service")
        print ("Complete.")
        print ("""                                                              
        If you want to run roundup as a windows service you have to             
        install the pywin32 module from:                                        
        Otherwise you can run the roundup-server manually or use                
        demo mode.                                                              

print ("Install complete")

This created an installer, but when run the installer doesn't seem to 
run the python script.

Note the script above tries a few ways to write output.
No output ever showed up so I tried a few ways to write to the user.
Then I added the code to write to a file. The lack of a file in
c:\temp tells me that the script isn't being run.

No clue what the issue is but recording this here in case somebody else 
has a bright idea on telling the user to install the pywin32
module if it's not found.
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