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Date 2017-10-26.00:50:44
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Hi Anthony:

In message <>,
Anthony writes:

>I  have  a  question about test case failure. Why do test expect relative
>path but not absolute?
>test.test_cgi.FormTestCase testMethod=testserve_static_files>
>    def testserve_static_files(self):
>     ...
>        # TEMPLATES dir is searched by default. So this file exists.
>        # Check the returned values.
>        cl.serve_static_file("issue.index.html")
>        self.assertEquals(output[0][1], "text/html")
>>       self.assertEquals(output[0][3], "_test_cgi_form/html/issue.index.html")
>E       AssertionError: '/devel/hibcore/src/test/_test_cgi_form/html/issue.index.html' !=
> AssertionError

How did you generate this error? Running:

  ./ -k testserve_static_files test/

  $PWD/ -k testserve_static_files test/

  $PWD/roundup/ -k testserve_static_files roundup/test/


  ./ -k testserve_static_files $PWD/test/

all work as expected for me. They generate paths relative to the
current working directory where the test directory is generated.

I expect the relative paths to be repeatable while an absolute path
would not repeatable (it would depend on the absolute location of the
directory where the test was run).
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