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What you're stating is not true.

- HTTPS has been supported since 1994.
- Modern HTTPS is widely supported
-- TLSv1.0+ has been supported since IE6 (2001), Firefox 2 (2006), Chrome 1 (2008)
-- SNI has been supported since IE7 (2006), Firefox 2, Chrome 6, Safari 3.1. On mobile, 
it's been supported since iOS 4 and Android 3.

I am not sure what you mean by HSTS making "access harder to the information on the 
side" or "and a lot of info is valuable without TLS as well."

The entire internet is moving to HTTPS. As of November 2017, 45% of page loads are 
HTTPS (Firefox telemetry). The Google HTTPS Transparency Report -- -- has more data, showing 76% of 
US page loads are HTTPS, and 86% of US browsing time is HTTPS.

In most cases, sites for technical users (GitHub, GitLab, Sourceforge,, ruby-,, etc.) have lead the way.

Even the stereotypically slow-moving US government is mandating HTTPS:

Usually it's only folks with less technical sophistication who require convincing.

I'm genuinely perplexed by your resistance. (Perhaps someone has hacked your account, 
or you're just trolling me.)
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