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Date 2018-08-22.23:55:50
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On the irc channel a user was trying to start up roundup as a service
and said the '-c' flag wasn't recognized.

I looked through the code.

At roundup-server::run(), the following code:

   if RoundupService:
        short_options += 'c'

sets the option for -c conditionally.

If an import of win32serviceutil fails, RoundupService is set to None.

I think the -c flag should be unconditionally defined.

Then in the code:

      # if running in windows service mode, don't do any other stuff
     if ("-c", "") in optlist:

check RoundupService for none and exit with a message like:

  -c is not available because roundup couldn't import
     win32serviceutil from pywin32. See Installation docs
     for pywin32 details.

this would at least point the user in the right direction.

Also it may be worth amending the help section to report
the lack of support for -c if win32serviceutil is missing
and you are running on a windows platform. But I am ok with
the current lack of documentation for -c if pywin32 is missing.
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