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Date 2018-09-25.15:46:58
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I believe the tests passed with the bug present.  My fix was specifically 
in MailGW.do_mailbox - that is, the input method for one particular way of 
putting received emails into Roundup (the other methods had smaller fixes 
to use message_from_bytes / message_from_binary_file, although POP and 
IMAP could do with testing that they actually work with Python 3).  The 
tests in don't test the external input methods, just the 
MailGW.main method, and MailGW.main was calling email.message_from_file 
with RoundupMessage passed as the second argument before my patch (so 
probably unaffected for Python 2 but probably having Python 3 issues with 
mixed character set 8-bit-encoded attachments before my patch).

Generally the tests operate at the Python API level and are weak on 
external input/output interfaces (which is also an area where Python 3 
issues are likely and so manual testing for those is important).
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