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Date 2018-10-09.22:12:59
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* John Rouillard: " [issue2551007] Selection fields are not translated"
  09 Oct 2018 21:52:10 +0000):

Hi John,

> John Rouillard added the comment:
> Hi Mathias:
> In message
> <>,
> Behrle writes:
> >New submission from Mathias Behrle:
> >
> >In a fresh install of roundup from the mercurial repos all selection
> >fields are shown untranslated (running here under german localization).  
> What do you mean by selection fields? The labels for selection boxes,
> or the actual items that you select from the dropdown? Can you upload
> a screenshot that shows the issue?

I mean the values of the selection box, not the label.

And indeed the issue appears on issue.item.html, not on
This seems to indicate, that the problem could be caused by my local
I will try with the unchanged template from roundup and give feedback.
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