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Hello Magnus:

In message <>,
Magnus Schieder writes:
>Magnus Schieder added the comment:
>I wrote it as an extension (local_markdown).


>For the translation from markdown to HTML I use the commonmark library.

Once you have validated the code are you planning on uploading the implementation to this ticket?

>A way to include 'local_markdown' in Roundup is to call it from
>The final implementation should check if 'local_markdown' can be
>imported or not to start Roundup without 'local_markdown'.

Agreed. Also is there a .py version of commonmark that you are using
or are you shelling out to the C implementation?

>The advantage of this is that the templates do not have to be edited.
>The disadvantage is that 'local_replace' must be edited and it only
>works with 'local_replace'.

I don't see that as a disadvantage as local_replace is local to each
roundup tracker and meant to be customized.

>The other possibility is to call 'local_markdown' in the templates, like
>But for this all templates have to be edited and I haven't found a good
>way to implement the call there yet.

I agree that way sounds messy and makes updating the templates from
upstream more difficult than it is already.

>Whether 'local_markdown' is technically safe (executable code) still has
>to be checked.

You could add it as an attachment on the ticket. Also might I suggest
adding it to the wiki as a customization example. If you would like
wiki access, I can help you set that up. Also you may want to post
your implementation to the roundup-users mailing list.

Thanks for tackling this issue.
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