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Date 2019-02-07.02:15:13
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There is another bug in ExportCSVNamesAction.

If there is an issue in your list that you don't have access to, the
current code will result in every csv element being reported
as [hidden].

Tom this may be the bug you ran into with custom objects. As soon as you
hit any
object that the user can't view everything is set to [hidden]. If the
first custom
item is not accessibly, you get a nice matrix of [hidden] even for
entries the user can

This little bit of code:

                  if not self.hasPermission(self.permissionType,
                        classname=request.classname, property=col):
                    represent[col] = repr_no_right(request.classname, col)

results in all the represent[col] set to repr_no_right on the first
inaccessible object/issue.

I have attached a file with two patches that applies to my copy of
file1532 that
fixes this by assigning the current representation to a new variable and
not changing represent[col].

The second patch in the file hides any object that the user doesn't have
access to.
Otherwise you get a row of [hidden] output for every field. It is meant
to mimic the
access check in the html so the row is not displayed in any way.
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