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Date 2019-02-08.00:21:48
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Hi Tom:

In message <>,
Tom Ekberg writes:
>Tom Ekberg added the comment:
>I see how to display a list of users by clicking on 'Class List' and
>selecting the user object. The only page that has an export_csv
>action is index.index.html. I suppose I could add it to the
>user.index.html page and experiment with that.

Just edit the url. E.G. my base directory is:

when displaying csv for issues, I get:

  /issue?@action=export_csv&@columns=id,activity,...[filter items removed]

so to dump users, I append:


and get:

  "admin","[hidden]","[hidden]","The Admin","603-555-4423"
  "anonymous","[hidden]","[hidden]","A. Nonymous","555-555-5555"
  "demo","","User","De Mo","231-555-5544"
  "agent","[hidden]","[hidden]","James Bond","041-555-2345"
  "provisional","[hidden]","[hidden]","Eye Cansee","321-555-5445

without the patch, the "demo" line is:

  "demo","[hidden]","[hidden]","De Mo","231-555-5544"

since I was unable to see the address and roles for the admin user
which bleeds through to the demo user.

One thing I have been thinking about is adding support for a


url parameter. The intent is to allow the userid (or other property)
to be displayed as the userid can be reused to create rest and other

Setting @showid=all would disable all ID -> name mappings similar to
the current export_csv code. Not sure when I will try implementing it,
or how useful it is given rest support but...
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