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Date 2019-03-07.08:25:18
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The wiki of our roundup-development is currently hosted on Sourceforge
(for a number of years).

To confirm registrations, for notifications to reset password,
an outgoing email service is nice.

However Sourceforge stopped outgoing email service according to
the official support said that they had to stop all outside communication
of scripts because of abuse and their perceived legal obligation to
prevent it.
This is understandable. Thanks to Sourceforge for offering such a nice
for many years!

The problem be seen current if a password reset is attempted, 
it fails with "Connection to mailserver 'prwebmail' failed: [Errno 113]
No route to host"

So we have to look for alternatives.

a) We activate SF's own wiki service

  For this we would have to transform the old contents into the
different format,
  they use Markdown.
  Advantages: No extra credentials necessary, already integrated with
SF. HTTPS access.
  We do not have to maintain the wiki software itself.

b) We search for a different provider
  Advantage: We are the customers as we will be paying (a low amount),
  contents is easy, we profit from an independent fully blown wiki
component and also
  promote it. HTTPS and email included.

c) We search for a hoster that offers us to run something.
  Advantage: We have full control. And the advantages of a full blown
competitive wiki engine.

We could ask the PSF that already runs our tracker hosting or Intevation
(my company),
which would fall between the b) and c) as Intevation runs a lot of wikis.

Give your feedback into the issue! (Thanks!)
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