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Date 2019-03-08.08:23:13
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Hi John,
thanks for your thoughts, which turn out to be more detailed requirements
we should weight in. I agree with all of them.

Yesterday I took an initial look about option a) (moving to SF) and
found out
the following:

i) we have 14MByte in the `data` directory, there seem to be many pages
   that got deleted as spam. And also there is a lot of history.

-> We should backup and clean out contents before we start "moving" in
all cases.
-> How many history do we want to preserve?

== History
Overall I like keeping history, with SCMs I think it is important, though
with our wiki I think it is an open question.

Option a) would not preserve history, which can be fine, if this is what
we want.
This holds for any other migration as well.

== Exploring Option b) and c)
Intevation maybe willing to contribute financially for a hoster. 
I'll ask Thomas Waldmann if there is a different option than the
business option
 his company is offering, which I think maybe unsuitable for a Free
Software initiative.

Maybe should approach the PSF and ask if this is something where they
would be willing
to help or rather not.
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