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Date 2019-03-13.09:41:46
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Hello Tonu,

Tonu Mikk wrote 12.03.2019 11:18 in the roundup-users mailing list
> The password reset page
> <> on the
> Roundup issue tracker states:
> "If your user was automatically created during import from the old
> sourceforge tracker, your e-mail address is <Sourceforge username>@
> The mail address associated with your account
can be
> changed after login."
> I was able to log in with my email address, however
> I got a permission error when I tried to change my email and my
password in
> the user details of the tracker.
> Should I open an issue?

Obviously some security considerations are still in place
for the user class of Roundups own tracker :  

For example I am allowed to change my phone number and my password
(just tested), and my timezone (tested 2017-07-31 12:42:56) but I am
still not allowed to change my Organisation or email addresses.

Best regards, Peter Funk
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