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Date 2019-03-19.12:12:38
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After an explanation what we need, the small company from Moinmoin's maintainer Thomas Waldmann
makes us an offer to host an instance for 15 €/month payable in
a yearly installment.

To be checked:
* Does our custom style run on verison 1.9 (we are still using 1.8)
* Do we have any plugins or other customizations in use? (I guess we don't)

If we need one time (a project) support to migrate or for anything special,
we can get an offer by, which will be a maximum of
90 €/h.
(All prices are stated with out potential VAT.)

In my personal observation 180 €/year will be saved
just on time to keep Moinmoin updated because of the experience of
Thomas Waldman. It is my understanding that we could move off this
hosting any time (and not renew payment for the next year). 

What do you think about the offer?

Note that my company Intevation would be willing bear the costs for this or
another solution for a foreseeable time. (Probably as long as we use
roundup intensively). A costs of 180 €/h year would probably be bearable
by others if Intevation would stop financing this.
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