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Hi Bern:

In message <>,
Bernhard Reiter writes:
>Bernhard Reiter added the comment:
>according to our evaluation so far, the SF wiki does **not meet**
>the following features which are used by us right now:
>* inline display of attached files (so that code examples can be contributed)

I raised the use case of embedding of attached files of source code.
I just checked: and it doesn't look
like moinmoin handles that. They have documentation on embedding
images, but not source files.

I must have been thinking of some other wiki platform.

So I don't think this is an issue with the SF tracker.

>* subpages, to be able to build a tree of wiki pages

This would be useful.

>So we are considering our options.
>A markup conversion would be a medium chunk of work from my current

This is of more concern especially preserving whitespace in examples.

>If time is saved updating a wiki installation by us, it would mean more
>time for roundup development.

This is also a benefit from being able to move to another moinmoin platform.

Sorry for the embedding confusion. I could have sworn I had used the feature.
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