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Hi Bern:

In message <>,
Bernhard Reiter writes:
>Ralf, John, 
>so what do you think about the Waldmann-EDV offer overall?

I am ok with it. I think it would be an easier lift than moving to

How would we remap:

(aka to the new instance? We would be
migrating away from sourceforge and I am not sure who is running the domain: is an alias for has address

>== Preserving contributed code files
>Another detail: It is probably easier to extend Moinmoin to display
>attached files as code nicely, (maybe even with syntax highlighting)
>than doing this will Allura's SF wiki engine. Moinmoin can be extended
>by plugins and the options specialised-Moinmoin-Hosting or using a hoster
>would allow us to run MoinMoin plugins.

Fair enough. I don't know (and am not really interested in learning)
the moinmoin ecosystem. One python project is enough 8-).
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