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Date 2019-04-04.00:12:33
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Ber said:
> == Directly showing attached code files
> Testing reveals that this already works with the recent Moinmoin 1.9
> release. (We are still running an old version.)

Very nice. Does it show line numbers along with syntax highlighting?
That makes it very easy to annotate the file in the body text of the 

My $0.02 is to move to the moinmoin vendor you identified. As long as
somebody is ok picking up the cost. This is the easiest transition and
gets us the features (email etc.) that we want/need.

We can open a new ticket for conversion to SF wiki in case somebody
is looking to get involved and they want to scratch that itch. This
is a hedge against vendor lockin and can be used to document features
that we need in case we have to move the wiki content.
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