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John wrote:

== Directly showing attached code files

> Does it show line numbers along with syntax highlighting?

It does, I'll try to find a public example.

For the line numbers (for code within the page) see

However the feature is advertised in the docs, but at least in
 one moinmoin instance I could not use it - maybe a small defect.
I'll inquire.

== Where to move 
> My $0.02 is to move to the moinmoin vendor you identified. As long as
> somebody is ok picking up the cost. This is the easiest transition and
> gets us the features (email etc.) that we want/need.

That is also my current favourite, and my company Intevation would
pick up the costs for now.

Should I present this to our development or users list as proposal to reach
more people?

> We can open a new ticket for conversion to SF wiki in case somebody
> is looking to get involved and they want to scratch that itch. This
> is a hedge against vendor lockin and can be used to document features
> that we need in case we have to move the wiki content.

We could, though Moinmoin as software package is more widespread than SF's 
Allura. For the markup Markdown probably has more pages than MoinMoin's 
markup, but the interesting part for the migration is in the special 
features, so I'd say that having this in the moinmoin structure is more 
future proof. So our ticket should have been to improve the existing tools to 
export from moinmoin to other markups and structures.
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