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Author ber
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Date 2019-06-03.14:11:47
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Giving changeset:   5760:f0ca4daf6a18
a test run, like outlined in msg6388:

roundup-admin -i test-tracker initialise 1234
barfs with 

python3.5/site-packages/roundup/", line 197, in get
    raise OptionUnsetError(self)
roundup.configuration.OptionUnsetError: MAIL_DOMAIN is not set and has
no default

which seems okay, I've now added the setting
vim  test-tracker/config.ini
domain ="
web = 'http://localhost:8080/support/'

env LANG=C roundup-admin -i test-tracker initialise 1234
WARNING: The database is already initialised!
If you re-initialise it, you will lose all the data!
Erase it? Y/N:

This is surprising because the last call gave me a traceback,
but it still initialized the database it seems.

Starting the server does not lead to an index pages to be
roundup-server support=test-tracker/

The browser just shows:

    sort=[('-', 'activity')], group=[('+', 'priority')],
    columns=['id','activity','title','creator','assignedto', 'status'],
<!-- SHA: 9b2c4620b74452287d1429df204b0e9e84f6df21 -->

but not the resulting rendering.
So I am not sure if the two surprises about should be part of this issue
or not.

a) initialising tracebacks, but still has set the account (or more?)
b) There is no index page rendered
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