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Date 2019-06-03.14:57:30
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Hi Bern:

In message <>,
Bernhard Reiter writes:
>Okay, I can get something rendered when changing to
>template_engine = jinja2
>so the initialisation progess did not set the right template_engine.

Hmm, ok how to handle this? There is no way for install to know what
template engine should be used.

Should that be another NO DEFAULT setting? If so how is the user to
know which of the three settings (or possibly some hybrid) to use?

Maybe we neeed a config.ini.deploy that gets installed into the
tracker working directory, loaded and then deleted. The
config.ini.deploy would include only:

   template_engine = jinja2

or any other template specific settings.

Then the normal save operation for config.ini will generate an
properly updated config.ini?


>Also missing are the static files needed, there is no css and no javascript:
> - - [03/Jun/2019 14:33:59] "GET /support/ HTTP/1.1" 200 -
> - - [03/Jun/2019 14:33:59] code 404, message
> - - [03/Jun/2019 14:33:59] "GET /support/@@file/style.css
>HTTP/1.1" 404 -
> - - [03/Jun/2019 14:33:59] code 404, message
> - - [03/Jun/2019 14:33:59] "GET
>/support/@@file/bootstrap.min.css HTTP/1.1" 404 -

Are there special directions for deploying the jinja2 template?  IIRC
bootstrap is under 3rdparty. Maybe that directory needs to be copied
into html as an extra step?

> - - [03/Jun/2019 14:33:59] code 404, message

Note there is a ticket that Christof is working for updating this
template to boostrap 4. Boostrap 4 doesn't have a separate responsive
css file. It's all in the base.
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