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Date 2019-06-03.15:23:49
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In issue2551027 (outgoing email does not work on sourceforge when
running own wiki) we've decided to move our wiki to a new moinmoin instance
hosted at Waldmann-EDV, a specialisted hoster.

This issue is about implementing the decision technically.
Open tasks transfered:

[ ] Check for additional plugins (probably none)
[ ] Check that we and our theme works on MoinMoin 1.9 (hopefully)
[ ] Cleanout spam-pages
[ ] Cleanout or think about how to cleanout (spam) users
[ ] Give clean copy to waldmann-edv
[ ] Plan migration with everyone involve
[ ] Migrate
[ ] Announce migration
[ ] Enjoy better wiki! \o/

In addition I think we may start with a runnin beta version of the wiki
before switching.
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