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Hi Ralf:

In message <>,
Ralf Schlatterbeck writes:
>The rest implementation uses several calls to client.request.headers.
>In WSGI 'request' is a RequestDispatcher object from
>This object doesn't have a 'headers' attribute.
>My naive implementation of a headers object would be to take the header
>name, convert it to uppercase and replace '-' with '_', prefix it with
>HTTP_ and look it up in the CGI environment. Is this an acceptable
>solution? Alternatives, better ideas?

The headers are checked in cgi/ using:

       header_names = [ "ORIGIN", "REFERER", "X-FORWARDED-HOST",
            "HOST" ]
        for header in header_names:
            if (config["WEB_CSRF_ENFORCE_HEADER_%s"%header] == 'required'
                    and "HTTP_%s" % header.replace('-', '_') not in self.env):
                logger.error(self._("csrf header %s required but missing for user%s."), header, current_user)
                raise Unauthorised(self._("Missing header: %s")%header)

so it looks like the env array is being used here as well.

Also in _serve_file:

       # see if there's an if-modified-since...
        # XXX see which interfaces set this
        #if hasattr(self.request, 'headers'):
            #ims = self.request.headers.getheader('if-modified-since')
        if 'HTTP_IF_MODIFIED_SINCE' in self.env:
            # cgi will put the header in the env var

looks like they chose the same solution. Maybe some rationale
for/against this change can be found in the hg repo?

>I found a google groups article that goes into the same direction:

More support for your suggestion.

>    headers = self.client.request.headers
>AttributeError: 'RequestDispatcher' object has no attribute 'headers'

Are you planning on doing something like:

class HttpHeaders:

  def __init__(self, dict):

  for header, value in items(dict):
     if header.startswith("HTTP"):
       self[header] = value

  return self

then in wsgi_handler:

  RequestDispatcher.headers = HttpHeaders(self.env)

so that RequestDispatcher.headers is a dict?
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