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Author schlatterbeck
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Date 2019-06-23.11:40:12
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OK, looks like not everything is working yet.
GET requests work and I can navigate the classes.

In the following I'm running an instance of roundup-server and an
instance of WSGI behind apache against the same database. So everything
in the following is tested against the standalone roundup-server where
it works.

But for wsgi
- For application/url-encoded requests to update a class, the computed
  etag and the etag sent do not match, although for the same class the
  etag I'm sending was returned previously, I've not yet investigated
- For application/json it seems like the "input" property containing
  the dictionary is not an istance of SimulateFieldStorageFromJson, so
  consequently several method fail, including trying to retrieve @pretty
  and @apiver from input.

So, in short, updates do not work at all due to possibly multiple reasons.
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