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On Thu, Jul 11, 2019 at 02:38:23AM +0000, John Rouillard wrote:
> Search filters in roundup can be transitive.  From
>   ... e.g. you can search
>   for all issues where a message was added by a certain user in
>   the last week with a filterspec of
>   {'' : '42', 'messages.creation' : '.-1w;'}
> so in theory I should be able to submit a rest call as:
>   issue?
> however the current code balks at that. Stating ""
> isn't a valid property of issue. I wonder if we should rework the code
> in that does:
>   try: 
>     prop = class_obj.getprops()[key]
>   except KeyError:
>     raise UsageError("Field %s is not valid for %s class."%(
>           key, class_name))
> to something like:
>   try:
>     prop = class_obj.getprops()[key.split('.')[0]]
>   except: ...

I think there is even something like get_transitive_prop that does the
right thing.

> Two questions:
>   1) Does this seem the right thing to do? Should we support
>      transitive searching in the rest interface? I don't see any
>      reason it's not restful. It certainly beats searching
>      messages?author=42&creation=.-1w then searching
>      issues?messages=123,345,678 etc. (speaking of which
>       curl ',2'
>       returns all messages for some reason, so we may have
>       another bug.)


>   2) Does this seem to be the right way to implement it? Given a
>      filter of, should we check the whole link
>      chain and validate the property, or do we just rely on filter
>      raising an error if the filter is nonsense?
See above, I think there is already some method to check for a correct
transitive property. If it should be implemented (tm) :-)
Note that I implemented transitive properties a very long time ago :-)

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